Dorozhenka (Single)

by Risha

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We are used to live in the world of vanity and everyday problems. This world doesn’t ever sleep. It is in constant movement. An endless road from nowhere to nowhere. Imagine that it would suddenly fall asleep. It would stop, become deserted and cold. There will be less people and only the will to live and their native culture will be with them, as the last chance not to lose themselves. Songs of folk will fancifully interlace with the remains of the sleeping Titan whose body had been created by the humanity from metal and stone.
RISHA presents the new release. Single “Dorozhenka” (Road) is permeated with the cold of February and anxiety of belated spring – this was the period it was recorded. Massive guitars, heavy beats and exciting voice of Irina Lvova. One by one, three new songs will plunge you into extreme states and moods: feeling of danger in the title track “Dorozhenka” (Road), adrenalin and joy with a taste of concern in “Rechenka” (River), madness and panic in “Vesna” (Spring).
The band added some new features to their sound: throat singing, live traditional Russian instrument – zhaleyka, wobble guitar, djent beat, aggressive dance metal riffs. The musicians once again experiment with traditional songs and again they manage to amaze.


released June 7, 2012

(c)&(p) Risha, 2012




Risha город Москва, Russian Federation

Seamlessly blending authenic Russian folk songs with elements of electronics and grooving industrialized guitars, Risha manage to create their own unique sound. It is sure to appeal both to fans of folk metal and fans of industrial metal as well as those looking for something fresh and quite unconventional. ... more

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